Thursday, January 17, 2008

hi, blog, it's me, nicole.(-aret.)

Hi blog. Long time no see. But I was just talking about you, and thought I'd check in.

What's up with you?

So much has gone on here. I'm defending my thesis next week! You should come. Look, here's the link to the announcement on the Vanderbilt web calendar! Exciting, huh? You're not just a blog, you're a *doctor's* blog, now!

*pats blog on head*

Well, I need to get to sleep. I know, I know, you're upset I'm leaving so soon. But, I'm really sleepy, and it's been a really, really long week. I do think about you, and all the fun we've had together, though. C'mere. Give me a hug.

What? Wh-- hm, okay, yes, that's true, you did overhear me talking about starting another blog. Uhm, yes. Possibly a new one, on, like, a specific topic. Possibly on wordpress. But I'm not completely su-- ... aw, don't cry, blog! I'm... I'm not sure yet. I mean, I think I just read somewhere that we could go there,! To Word Press! Together!

Don't cry, lil' blog. Like I said, I think, and speak, of you fondly. All we've been through, all the places we've gone together. And, even if we go separate ways, we'll always have the archives.



Blogger Jess said...

So how did "Regulation of the Neuronal K+-Cl- Cotransporter KCC2 by Protein Associated with Myc" go? Was it a big hit? Are you now officially Dr. Nicole?

Saturday, March 22, 2008 6:29:00 PM  

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