Wednesday, December 13, 2006

party off! (....?)

i decided this a while back, but i'm not throwing my annual xmas bash this year. so if you're wondering where your evite is, waiting by outlook or gmail with bated (baited? bated?) breath, you can stop now.

for one, since so many of my lil' grad school traditions have been broken this year (steeplechase, ski trip) i decided to break another one. while i found this both logical and amusing, L described that explanation as "horribly depressing."

anyway, major cancellation reasons are: too busy. don't feel like dealing with it.

i am, however, attending other peoples' partays. whee. i'm even planning on cooking some figgy pudding for a Feliz Chrismakwaanzzukah dinner party next week. so i haven't gone *all* bah humbug.


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