Tuesday, August 01, 2006

to answer m's question about the stitches, and more!

funny, since I had just imagined, a few days prior, a scenario where I finally met my ex's fiancee, possibly having some medical procedure done (since she's a nurse here at the hospital*), but of what type?

an ER visit, perchance?

It started with yet another stomach flu. Then chills in the middle of the night. Then, feeling really really hot. Then, getting up to tend to stomach flu symptoms. Then, getting dizzy and seeing stuff get all grainy and red and swirly. Then, coming to on the floor in my hallway. Then, realizing I was bleeding, and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking: my lips are not supposed to be gray.

So, I woke up my roommate, and he whisked me off to the ER. I have to say, the ER service here was really great, although my need to be wheel-chaired into triage, my insanely low pulse, blood sugar (in the 40s), and my 75/38 blood pressure might have kinda pushed me up a bit on the priority list. Just a hunch. or maybe it was the neck pain, and my inability to recall whether or not I hit anything on the way down. hmm!

stuff I got: various anti-emetics, saline IV, massive bolus of glucose (via IV and good lord did it hurt. like a liquid muscle cramp flowing up my arm), mo' saline, neck collar, CT scans (head, neck), vicodin, tests of bodily fluids, not enough numbing solution in my face, five stitches the last of which i felt completely (July. Large teaching hospital. 'nuff said.)

the suspects: rotavirus for the GI issues, dehydration for the syncope (faintin'), gravity for everthing else.

Took a week off from most activity. Saline made me swell up ten pounds, and then, almost balloon-like, lost it and thensome (from not eating). Stable now and feeling pretty fine. increased water intake from "a lot" to "more than a lot." Still taking it easy at times --- for instance, I cancelled my tennis match today, since the heat index is about 103. Yowchies.

And, fyi, yes, I am now attempting to step up the vehicle obtaining process, inspired by the fact that I'm probably pretty prone to more heat-related issues, and that a/c could sure come in handy. And I'm borrowing a friend's Pathfinder way too much. Currently, I'm down to two vehicles: one I can't afford, and one I "whoa! hell no!" can't afford.

a further aside: I explained this scenario to my friend A----- earlier today, saying, "The concept of buying a car is kinda freaky since, well, what if I finish, and I don't have a job and .. well, y'know..."

when she filled in, "Yeah, what if you just want to kick it?"

I am thrilled by her choice of words, and have added "just kickin' it" to my list of future career/non-career choices.

I just imagined the business card:
N----- G--------, Ph.D.
kickin' it.


also, moving even further aside: Aforementioned friend and I have extra tickets to Fiona Apple this week (nashville, Ryman) so contact me por favor if you're interested.

woo! big post!

*for those who follow such things, yes, apparently both ex-C----'s are engaged to RNs.


Blogger Nicole said...

this, of course, just inspired a cursory job search.

two listings under "biotech & pharma - atlanta, ga" included:

1) assistant chef at nordstrom in perimeter mall


2)truck driver in pickettsville (?) alabama

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 8:10:00 PM  

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