Tuesday, January 31, 2006

because pasting a story I told R. via email is the best I can do for a post

[I'll add a hyperlink and an extra comment or two, to bring it above and beyond just the email I sent to Robert.]

So, tonight I was at my friend T--'s birthday dinner here. (Good food [upscale contemporary, french and southern influences] great service ... but man I dropped a lotta cash.) -- about 12 or so people were there. I was seated at one end, and telling T-- we should be mixed doubles partners. And I commented, "Do we have gay tennis leagues here? My friend Robert met some people to play tennis with that way in Toronto...."

When someone at the other end of the table says, "Robert who?"

I'm thinking, who is this crazy guy, who thinks he knows every tennis-playing Robert in Toronto...

Me: "Oh, a friend of mine in Toronto."
Guy: "Did he just move there?"
Me: "Uh yeah.... N--------a?"
Guy: "Yes!"
Other guy "We're his friends too!"

A small, small world.

Winewise, the tasting of note was an '83 Bordeaux. It reminded me of mushrooms. In a good way. It's recommended, if you happen to be sitting near a table full of wine collectors who bring their own glasses, their own $10,000+ of wines, go to a restaurant to have the chefs make food to go along with their vino, and then leave the restaurant with half-full bottles behind them.


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What an fascinating . . .


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