Monday, November 21, 2005

dialogue snippet, sunday

Setting: RuSan's, sushi bar, Sunday night

"Hey, don't you think my blog's been kind of ... sucking?"

"Well, I don't really check it as frequently as I used to. Like, over a week will go by before I look at it."

"So, it's kind of sucking."

"You don't really seem to be into it anymore."

"Sometimes that's true... and I think I want to delete it, for other reasons... but watch... as soon as I do that, I'll feel like rambling about something on there. And if I do that -- say I'm quitting, then restart suddenly again -- you're going claim that I'm doing that to get attention."

(laughter) "Yeah..."

"I thought it would be funny just to give it to someone else. Like, yeah there's a web site about me. But someone else has to write it. Just handing over the keys. Wanna do it?"

"Ha! No. You should just let it just grow stale. Leave the last post up there. Simply don't write anything anymore."

"Maybe. But I'd feel the urge to say something about it."



(enter, sushi order)

"Whoa. That's a lot of food."

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