Thursday, September 22, 2005

doppelgangers (was, wedding-a-thon part 2)

(oops, I thought I hit post on this already! Guess not. 'nother one below)

Onto the wedding-a-thon part two topic.

So, one especially interesting thing about the wedding was meeting up with my cousin/the bride's brother. See, people have told me time after time how much I am like him. Not even just relatives. One night I hung out with one of his pals at the business school here, and he kept on saying, "Wow, it's so amazing. Talking to you is like talking to F. It's like your brains work the same."

I mean, I don't know about you, but to me, it was kind of weird. To think that something as undefinable as your manner of speaking and thinking could remind others of another person? It seemed strange especially because back in the day, it never occurred to me that we were alike. I recalled my definition of him when I was in 5th grade or so (decent 10ish year age gap here): a high school kid with who played with computers a lot, and listened to all these obscure bands which weren't being played on the regular radio. And then he went off to college, and did some post-graduate work for some indeterminately long amount of time. And I think he then went and dabbled in journalism or something. For a long time, I couldn't quite tell you what his career was.

I mean, really, where are they getting these comparisons from?

So, it was interesting to re-meet him as an adult, I guess you could say. Did I still see the similarity? Mmm, not too much. There are a few things that did strike me as similar, but supersized. For instance, digital photography. I'm pretty notorious among friends here for being the group photographer. Just with my little point-and-shooter, I do pretty well. Sometimes. He not only has a super-sweet camera, but took over 1000 pictures of the wedding, and they all look awesome.

Also, I keep a blog... and he's kept one twice as long (hm, it's either down or I have the web address wrong.) Well, point being, apparently his is (was?) actually read by people.

On another doppelganger-ish note, here's another weird thing. About three times since I've lived here, different guys have walked up to me and said "Jessica?" Who is this Jessica? All three times this has happened, two main factors are in place: 1)I'm wearing glasses, and 2) I'm at shows of various local indie bands. I'd venture to guess she's online/on myspace a lot, hence random people walk up and ask for her, without really knowing who she is... or maybe we do look that much alike. Very odd.


Blogger Dee said...

Little did I know--safely immured in my island home--that another "Casey Dryden" was germinating in the cement wastes of Valdosta, relatively nearby. He played tuba.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 8:42:00 AM  

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