Thursday, September 22, 2005

at least I know why I was tired

This past weekend wore me out. Like, too much back-to-back socializing from Friday evening straight through the weekend. I dunno. It felt crazy. I didn't come into lab once. I have weekend-off guilt.

Selected examples: on Saturday I was a volunteer wine pourer at an annual charity tasting held outside on a newish pedestrian bridge downtown -- a very cool location. Three pours in, I spilled wine on one person's hand while pouring it! (I blame the bottle -- it was huge!) Then it was suggested I take the glass from people, then pour. Smart! This helped immensely.

I refrained from snickering at some people's comments, because a) I'm sure I've made similarly silly ones and b) that's just mean. But it's tough not to crack a smile when someone swirls and sniffs the Almaden Red Sangria (aforementioned hard to pour wine.) I mean, ALMADEN. You can get it in a BOX. For CHEAP.

But there were some really really good wines too. We were damn busy because we were pouring Monkey Bay (the sav's hard to find here, and the label was on Desperate Housewives (or so they told me)) and a lot of nice Rieslings (Slatestone)

Several thousand people came, apparently. It was pretty nuts. And man, people got drunk. For a good cause, for a good cause...

Restaurant/bar outings (3, in total) followed. Essentially I was mingling about with some sort of alcohol-containing drink in hand from 3PM to 3AM. (OK, I suppose hours 8PM to 3AM were my fault, but still.)

Those who are aware of my inability to identify famous-people will be shocked at my report that I saw (and identified) Eddie George later that evening at a bar/restaurant-deal. Technically, he came and visited our table! But to talk to other people not in our group, but sharing the table with us.

Sunday, I ate a lot of pancakes. And I went to go see Coldplay. And it was really really good. It's much easier to admit this (liking Coldplay, and saying how much I enjoyed this concert) on here, where I can't watch you openly mock me for this.

At any rate, in contrast to the weekend, I've been hiding in lab all week, interspersed with food-gathering or sport/exercise-outings. It's been kinda fun.


Blogger heidi said...

oh, i think you CAN see me mocking you...

Thursday, September 22, 2005 10:45:00 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Hee hee... I laughed when I read your post mentioning "next U2 my ass... lets discuss in 20 years" the day after the concert.

Friday, September 23, 2005 11:59:00 AM  

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