Friday, August 05, 2005

of interest to the fellow academia types

I naturally found this article, about faculty candidates and their blogs, to be pretty interesting: The Chronicle of Higher Education: Bloggers Need Not Apply

(via Paul @ "Chasing...".)

The article's chock full o' andecotal evidence of why faculty-larvae should not keep blogs.

Or their friends, as the author writes:
"In this case, it was not the candidate's own blog, but that of a boasting friend, that revealed the truth. The lesson? Be careful what you let a close associate's blog say about you. What that associate sees as complimentary may cast you in an unflattering light in the eyes of a search committee."

That statement is funny on a variety of levels. "what you let a close associate's blog say." Like that's under my jurisdiction. C'mon now. (besides everyone I know who keeps blogs, also, ref: to long-time readers: the friend audit comes to mind.)

Anyway, as it applies to me, here? Well, I'm not sure. First of all, it's too late for me to do anything about it, I suppose. Second, and perhaps I'm being naive here, but just as I've read some folks' blogs and thought "Whoa. That person [I know from elsewhere] really does suck, after all." I've also thought, "Wow! That person is pretty cool. I'd like to get to know him/her better and talk about X [random, not obvious interest/area of expertise.]"

So, that's me on the bright side of my future lack of employment.
(Note to future search commitees: That statement is a joke. It is not intended to indicate inadequacy or lack of self-confidence. It is supposed to be funny.)

Anyway, just thought I'd share.


Blogger Paul Chenoweth said...

You are probably safe unless your career leads you into the hallowed halls of academia...and then, only if the search committee of said institution really understands that blogs are not intended to be freshman-esque papers suitable for inexorable scrutiny for grammer, APA form, character references, ad nausem.

Hopefully, as blogs become better understood by search and interview committees you won't have to worry about picking your blogs, picking your friend... just be careful about picking you nose. Then again, Mancin's post might come into play.

Sunday, August 07, 2005 7:16:00 AM  

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