Thursday, July 07, 2005


Why does everything feel so hectic? Is it really hectic? Or am I just being horribly inefficient in getting things done around here?

My dad visited this past week, which was nice, since I haven't seen him for quite since Xmas-ish, and as aforementioned (I think) he had a hospital stay inbetweixt that time. So, quality time with dad.

But, a week. Y'know. It's that length of time where you're like "I need time to do my own thing" and "aw, but I never see him!" We made some outings (Jack Daniel's distillery (evidence!), zoo, etc.) and otherwise just hung out.... watched multiple fireworks displays from a penthouse-level condo way high in the suburbs/sky on the fourth.

As alluded to, I'm on the roommate hunt again. No, this one isn't graduating (like you other f'ers did! You damn master's students! .... kidding) but wants to live on her own.

Uh... and that's all I have time to write about now. Emergency phone call to tend to now. But I'm going to hit post anyway, cos otherwise, this durn thing won't be written in forever... unless this emergen-call isn't as time-consuming as it sounds.

Hectic, I tell you!


Anonymous Michelle said...

You went to the zoo? Your poor, poor father. I saw more animals from my drive to Cheyenne from Denver (1.5 hrs) than the zoo has. ;)
and hell to what you want, the rest will fall into place. Easier read than done...

Friday, July 08, 2005 11:02:00 AM  

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