Monday, June 06, 2005

The weather this past couple of days has been that kind of hot that reminds me how the South turned out to be so damn slow. Air so thick and stagnant that it takes effort to breathe, and heat and humidity which makes you feel like all movement should be kept to a minimum.

Last week I was futzing with a poster of my data for our departmental retreat on Friday. A printer debacle left me empty-handed as of Friday morning, upon which time I decided, rather than wait for my poster to *maybe* get printed in time, to make a 40 x 60 inch poster by printing it as tiles (with a 0.5" overlap) on 8.5x11" sheets of paper, then piecing it all together. Making the printouts was easy (acrobat does automatic tiling -- keep this in mind if this ever happens to you) but it was a bit of a bitch to assemble, as you can imagine. Suprisingly, it didn't turn out quite as ugly as I expected (one person said they didn't even notice it was mosaic-ed) so all was well.

But after the Friday morning scramble, I was definitively burnt on work/school in general, so considered doing absolutely nothing all weekend lab-wise. And I didn't!
Friday night stuck around by friend B's 'hood, chatting over damn good italian food and wine and then coffee (to whoever commented on it earlier -- that new Portland Brew! I like!)
It was a much needed advice/conversational exchange.

Saturday, walked around the block to watch the Pride parade go by -- it still struggles here, but it has improved over the years. Almost 15 whole minutes! Later, met up with friends at the park, and that was much more festive and fun. I won $5 in Starbux Bux from the Unitarians. Thanks, Unitarians!
I really wish I knew about the big gay scavenger hunt earlier last week. Props to whoever came up with that.

On another pride related note, I was reading the paper yesterday and just rolled my eyes at the lede of this pride recap. A six year old "birl"? wtf? Way to focus on some totally obscure, not-quite-GBLT related anecdote.

Anyway, later, totally changing gears, headed out to a block party type o' thing and had a great time. Given my tendency for cynicism, when this was originally decribed to me, it made me recall this old onion article but after going there, hanging out, meeting and chit-chatting with folks... it's hard to describe, but there was just this organic, earnest nature about the whole event. It was a fun, new experience, and good times overall.

Sunday consisted mostly of an extremely long lingering brunch. By 6pm I was contemplating starting something mildly productive (laundry, cleaning, shopping, something!) but then changed my mind yet again and went to check out M. Doughty doing the acoustic solo schtick. While I've always liked Soul Coughing, I had a feeling that on his own there might be more miss than hit... but was pleasantly surprised.

Hm. A recurring theme here?

I was hoping this weekend of nothing-doing would make me rarin' to go workwise by today, but notsomuch.

It's cooled down, and cloudy and stormy today.

I feel similarly.


Anonymous Dan said...

Great entry. And sounds like you had a great weekend all around. I was reminded of Pride Fest late Saturday afternoon when I did not get my DJ-Ron 91-Dance music fix on the radio because he was over at Centennial Park. (Though the DJ who played more break beats covered well for him.) And even later ran into friends at Target wearing stickers from the event. Anywho, nice to read your recap at least.

Good work with the poster solution too. Don't you just love when one piece of technology is just waiting to get you out of a bind with another.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 3:04:00 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

>>Don't you just love when one piece of technology is just waiting to get you out of a bind with another.

Come to think of it, I do love that.

Except it was technology AND lots and lots of scotch tape.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 6:00:00 PM  

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