Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Let's clarify... Pedophiles, bad. Homosexuals, not bad. (subtitled: Teacher's lazy. Here's a film.)

Cody usually annoys the hell out of me by sending links to "must watch" clips and "must hear" audio files... (well, actually he annoys the hell out of me regardless.)

But this clipBoys Beware was worth downloading. Messagewise, very scary, but funny in that 60s propoganda clip way...

Selected quotes:
"Public restrooms can often be a hangout for a homosexual."
"Jimmy didn't realize (he was).... riding in the shadow of death!"
"One never knows when a homosexual is about... he may appear normal..."

Can you believe shit like this even exists?

I'm half-laughing it off, half-feeling very, very sad.


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