Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's just a vid-centric day...

Because I don't watch that much TV, I tend to forget that music videos exist. When I finally get around to seeing 'em, I get all agog -- there's pictures that go with the songs? Eh? I've only semi-recently figured out that I can go to mtv.com or individual websites to do this from the comfort of my own ...er, not at work! But then I get pretty disappointed if it doesn't match the video I've already made for it in my head. A recent for instance -- Rebellion (Lies) -- I really(x's5!) loved this song, but the video is like virtual reality for degenerative eye disease. And now the thought of my retinas detaching from the back of my eyes pops into my head when I hear it, and it's distressing.

Lewis Black has a good routine about this, (anti-MTV, etc ) by the way... "Music goes in your EAR, TV goes in your EYE" *pointy fingers*

Oh... and speaking of videos in general... because I'm still getting this emailed to me once in a while, it must mean not evvvveryone I know has seen it... so, recommended hilarity here (truly one of the funnier things that came across my email in the past year. Perhaps the funniest.) and the Fuck-Yeah! remix.

Wow. Links to stuff! How webloggish of me!


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