Tuesday, April 12, 2005

wine slacker

Despite good intentions among my friends and I to take wine tasting classes again, we've pretty much gone the self-educating route these days, partially because the teacher-sommalier has been repeating himself, but mostly because we're mad busy doing mad science. Maddening.

However, the planets have seemingly aligned to the point that a pretty decent sized group of us are heading out to wine showcase tonight, partially in honor of L.'s birthday. It's an event that makes my liver cry uncle. Oh, just kidding. My liver does not cry. It's actually a workaholic, and is deserving of praise.

I'm still on my Malbec recommendation kick, by the way. The personal fave remains the Alamos Malbec, for the budget conscious, or the Catena Malbec, for people who are gainfully employed. (both made by Nicolas Zapata vineyards.) So, my two cents: Malbec is the new Rioja is the new Shiraz, is the new Merlot, is the new black!
(and Argentina is the new Spain is the new Australia, etc.)

I wonder if varietals are supposed to be capitalized. Copyedit, anyone?

Now to continue hydrating myself in preparation for this evening.


Blogger heidi said...

I just want the world to know that I am the driver of the car in this "About Me" photo of Nic. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 1:17:00 PM  

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