Saturday, April 09, 2005

Weekends o' lame-itude

I've been particularly non-social these past few weekends. Lab + writing projects just got me kind of pooped out, and, well, I don't feel like The Weekend, in and of itself, has been a particularly exciting thing to look forward to. In fact, I've been trying to convince myself that weekends don't exist, that every day is like (not sunday!) another weekday, so it won't be such a big deal when I go in to lab, like the stereotypical good grad student. Whether or not this thought process is contributing to actual progress? I'm not sure. I'd venture to say, No.

Right now there is someone across the street honking a car horn erratically (not a car alarm) and it's echoing through the parking garage. For 15 minutes straight thus far. Ten more minutes of this, and I am going to find this person and slap them.

Anyway. I was saying... something.

Well whatever. Hm. What else have I been up to? ... On Thursday, a big group of grad school friends and I got free Nashville Sounds tickets, with free food and stuff, so we went to a horribly rainy season opener. Highlights included a rousing game of Spot That Mullet (a staple for any Nashville sporting event,) entertaining each other with obscure/gross sexual terminology (I thought I was good, but this kid R. ... fuckin' *foul* man. Dirty sanchez? Ohio mud river? Good god. I don't want to go into it. Consult or something. I thought I was "educated" knowing what felching and pink socks reffered to... Bllleech. This goes beyond...

Hey, wait. I was talking about baseball. Right. Take home message: We acted wholly immature the entire time. And it was fun.

Hm. What else. I went to a wedding shower today, for some friends who will be getting married here in May. I crafted rosettes out of Scott tissue! And my team won the toilet-paper wedding dress game! Wa-hey! The groom-to-be's ass was a major theme of the party. In fact, he received a care package full of ass-referential gifts (enema tubes, suppositories, etc.) since he talks about his ass a lot, AND one of the games was "Prize to who has seen J's ass the most." Very odd.

So, the point of this post is.... we're all crazy.

And I am boring. And going back to this b-day gift I'm working on (overdue by one month, 4 days).


Anonymous Muffy Wong said...

Cleveland Steamers
Hot Carls

Did I leave anything out?

Monday, April 11, 2005 4:21:00 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Oooh... what the hell are those? Eeps. I'll have to look them up later, considering I just ate.

In other news, I just went back and read this post from Saturday. Holy ramble.

Monday, April 11, 2005 8:48:00 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I can't wait until the Sounds get their new stadium.

I love to go to baseball games and play the--look at the various levels of fashion game. Always fun. Why women show up in mini-skirts on cool spring evenings is beyond me. As a hormonally imbalance male, I appreciate it..but as a human being, I think--she's gotta be cold.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 1:10:00 PM  

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