Saturday, April 02, 2005

Poped out? Well, don't read this.

I realize a lot of people don't get why the Pope's death matters, or think the Pope is "bad" -- I've heard people call him a misogynist, complain that he's not progressive enough, etc.

However, I'm pretty pro-Pope myself, and understand the commotion. The Pope's always been a big deal... not just because he's, well, the Pope but he's been pretty revolutionary... the underdog in the sense that he's a non-Italian, coming from a non-traditional background. I've admired the way he visited other countries, attempted to speak to people in their native languages, met with world leaders, etc. It always seemed to be an humble, earnest effort to reach out to people. He could have been all, "Dude. I'm the Pope. I don't need to get down with you folks." But, no. He did a stadium tour! He rocked Giants Stadium! It was a big freeking deal!

(Uh, I didn't actually go... but still.)

In terms of the criticisms, I mean, give the guy some slack. He's the head of the Catholic Church. It's not a religion with a history of being "progressive" or even being very nice. I don't understand why women can't be priests and all that, but honestly, those kinds of changes? C'mon now. I think it's been only forty or so years since priests actually started speaking towards parishoners' faces, and stopped speaking in a DEAD LANGUAGE. This is not a dynamic religion folks. Also, note that this pope did not have 15 wives, take bribes, order inquisitions... vast improvement!

So, yeah, check it. I'm upset about the Pope dying. Well, it surprised me too.

I mean, I'm not crying-in-my-bed upset, but like I said, I get why it's a big deal.

And I'm admittedly curious to see how it'll all play out, having heard about the Pope-election action (black vs. white smoke, etc.) in year after year of Catholic schooling. Fifteen, total, in case I haven't mentioned it recently.

OK. My contribution to the imminent media overkill is complete.


Blogger Michael said...

I'd far rather see the coverage of the Pope than say, the coverage of Michael Jackson's trial.

At least the Pope was a man who tried to do the right thing in his life on Earth and make strides toward world peace. Unlike anything Michael Jackson has done.

Friday, April 08, 2005 3:01:00 PM  

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