Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My friends rock. (subtitled: Eat burritos and raise money for cancer research.)

I'm really proud of my friends R., J., and L., all of whom have been training for the Memphis in May triathalon and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society via Team in Training.

Nothing like busting one's butt for a good cause, I say. In fact, I personally find them all awe-inspiring. I say inspiring, because one friend is two years free of Hodgkins Disease herself, and the others have overcome various joint-related issues ... and yet they're still all getting ready to do a 1.5K open-water swim, 40K bike, and 10K run... IN A ROW. In a row!

Right now, the only triathalon I'm probably in shape for is one that involves drinking beer, sitting on my ass, and walking leisurely. I'd win that one.

Anyway, besides accepting monetary donations (here, here, or here), they've been setting up other Nashville-area events to raise money.

About the burritos:

For you Nashville-area folks, here are some flyers for Baja Fresh Team In Training days, when 15% of the proceeds will be donated to this cause. Print 'em out, bring 'em in, eat burritos, and help raise money for cancer research!

And please do circulate these flyers amongst yourselves. Thanks!

Baja Fresh -- West End -- March 24th

Baja Fresh -- Green Hills -- March 26th

Baja Fresh -- Cool Springs -- March 26th


Anonymous Leigh said...

Hey thanks for the praise--but super kewl science writer types rock my world too!

Thursday, March 24, 2005 8:14:00 PM  

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