Monday, March 21, 2005

More artsy, less fartsy.*

I grew up thinking museums like the Met and MOMA were run-of-the-mill places to see cool art. Just everyday grade school field trip fodder. As it applies to many different things, you don't really realize what you've got until, well, you move to the South.

Oh, OK. That's kind of mean, but I'm sorry, the culture shock of moving to Atlanta occurred on several fronts, art museum comparisons inclusive.

However, the good part is that over the past few years I've learned that in order to see cool cutting-edge stuff, you gotta seek it out sometimes. I mention this because I've recently been picking up a little bit more on the Nashville art scene. There's a good community of visual artsy folks here, not just the music artsy types.

Example: This past Friday I went to the Untitled show, and enjoyed it a lot. It's very come-as-you-are; free admission to the public, and only a $15 submission fee for artists. I'm all about peeps getting their creative outlets on, regardless if the outcome is good or not.

Props to S. for pointing me to that shindig. (ed. to add: his piece rocked, btw)

In other art-related news, (and completely non-timely), I really do think it's awesome that the Gates came to NYC, regardless of how silly-frou-frou it all might seem. You can't truly enjoy, appreciate, then laugh at silly-frou-frou-ness unless it takes place first.

That said, my favorite Gates-related laughs:
~ The Daily Show (thx Aimee)
~ The D-Nasty Interview
~ Tim Morgan's Gates-in-Knoxville

If I had more time on my hands, I'd be photoshopping up an image suggesting that if Christo and Jean-C. came to Nashville, conservative powers-that-be would have them wrap them wrap up the big naked people statue. And leave it there. Permanently.

"The Clothes of Musica: Wooooo! Go Vols!"

Use your imagination.

*The converse statement, "Less artsy, more fartsy" is my friend E.'s comment regarding my predilection for taking flashless digital photos. True, 85% of my pics come out blurry, but man, that other 15% kick ass. Swears.


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