Thursday, February 24, 2005

So about the Saturday before this past Saturday...

(subtitled: like most things, fad hits Nashville two years after everywhere else.)
Blogging about bloggers often gets tiresome, tacky, and weird. But I thought this story would be of interest to those of you who visit this site regularly because I know you and I've made you check it.

So let the blogfucking begin.

I received an evite to a Nashville blogger meet up, and decided to go for several reasons. One, considering my general media interests, I figured when a TV news station hosts an event and invites ya, it might be interesting to attend. Even though, for the love of God, I don't consider this blog a media endeavor of mine.

Two, seeing as I'd be spending the next week at a conference, meeting people early in the morning, and I had to be in lab early anyway, why not practice getting up early and talking to strangers.

So I went. At 8:30 in the morning. EIGHT-GOSHDERN-THIRTY ON A SATURDAY.

What. Were. You. Thinking.

I've met bloggers elsewhere before (I could include a link here, but too lazy to find one, now) but not in such a formal setting. This morning event was more of a blogging-as-new-media discussion, which I do find interesting, even though I don't consider myself to be a prime example of it on here.

My previous blogger-meeting-experiences were more accidental. In the setting of blogger-friend-having-a-book-launch-party turned look-more-bloggers turned "Blogger buying everyone a shot! No! four! Irish car bombs! WOOOOHOOOO!"

So, for future reference, I'd like to drop the keywords "happy hour," okay?

Anyway. It was interesting, but odd. Local people I don't know apparently read this. News to me. So, er, hi neighbors.

Snippets of this entire event were filmed and broadcast on the evening news. I know this because a coworker came up to me and told me I was on TV. I'm yet to see this, so if anyone has a copy, do share.

I don't know why attendees (myself included) were so shocked that there were TELEVISION cameras FILMING US at a... TV STATION! GASP! We's dumb.

At the event I asked someone how they found this site, and they mentioned a link on the website of WKRN, the local ABC affiliate. I later hopped over to their page and....

... were you aware that you may be reading one of Nashville's best blogs? Uh, me neither. Apologies/condolences to the really good blogs which were included in this list along with me.

Keep in mind that I live in a city where the (one) alternative newsweekly runs a column each week called "Desperately Seeking The News" highlighting the city media's worst gaffes. So don't be too impressed.

Also, have I ever mentioned that they turn off the traffic lights here at 11PM? No? Well, just thought I'd throw that in too.

And there you go. The Saturday before last Saturday.


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