Monday, January 17, 2005


The weekend was relaxing indeed. Me Time went as planned, as others went skiing. Me Time was enhanced by the unexpected addition of a widescreen plasma TV and Bose surround system to our cabin. And my ability to hook up my iPod to the set up. Sweet! I ended up as sore as the skiiers, after working out for two hours in the morning when they left. How lame is that? Us Time was great too. Hours of Texas Hold 'Em, hiking on Sunday, general silliness... well, too much to go into on here, really, but it was fun.

I set eyes on exactly 0% of the Gatlinburg strip o' t-shirt stores the entire time.

A random impromptu stop for lunch in Knoxville on the way back. Requisite references to "that Simpsons episode" were made upon seeing the Sun Sphere. Has everyone seen this episode except for me? Apparently so.

Question: Why do they spell out the numbered street names on the signs in Knoxville? "Twentieth St." instead of "20th St.", for example? Odd, no?

Returned to find my apartment, and all of Nashville, cold. Very cold. Outside right now, a temp of 19, windchill 9. In my bedroom? Not much better. Yes, the radiator is broken *again*. Fortunately, the living room heat seems to be on, so I am crashing on the couch, and my roommate is staying at her boyfriend's place. I sincerely hope this "living room heat on" thing is not temporary.

Provided I don't turn into an ice cube overnight, I have plans to begin attending wine classes over at Sunset Grill once again, starting tomorrow. So, expect more of my bourgie wine recommendations to start appearing scattered amongst these posts. Oh, you know you miss 'em.


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