Thursday, January 06, 2005

The psychic friends network.

A few days before Christmas, I was running around Tower, literally at about 11PM, looking for last minute "Oh my goodness my flight is in eight hours" gifts. I passed one display table and my eye caught a few origami books. Bad, no-good origami books. Of the few, I picked up Pornogami. (official)

It was crafty; it was naughty. It was the perfect gift for K.

Today I went to pick up a parcel at the post office. It was my Christmas gift from K. And lo and behold...

Very Naughty Origami, the book (again, "official").

Of course, she one-upped me by including really pretty rice paper square packs. But still.

Am I living under a rock and that last to know that is origami the new black? The Hipsters' kNew Knitting? Let me know if I'm off here in thinking this is totally random.

For two best friends who haven't lived in the same state for eight years, or even in the same time zone for almost five years, heck, I'm impressed.

Excuse me, but I'm now going to go fold one thousand paper sperm, and send it to someone. Like paper cranes, maybe it'll be good luck. Good fertility vibes, at the least.


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