Sunday, January 23, 2005


When I first started typing up this post Friday (but then got distracted and never finished) I began with a line kvetching about work. But you know what? I had such a fun weekend, and laughed so hard and so much over the past few days, that kvetching is not fitting my mood right now, even as I sit here in the lab on Sunday night.

Thursday night I caught Todd Barry at The Basement. Saw him a few months ago on the Yo La Tengo, et al. Swing State Tour, and he was awesome. His full, hourish? set on Thursday was likewise great. He's got this dry, sardonic sense of humor and style of speaking that puts me in a fit of giggles. Really. A fit. I highly recommend seeing him.

Heidi, (who has not updated her blog since the last time I linked to it) came up on Friday, and we did all sorts of things touristy and not-so-touristy. Friday evening fun included seeing Modest Mouse and having perfect timing for skipping Gavin DeGraw (who I approximate as being John Mayer with a piano -- correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyway, the show was excellent and totally surpassed my expectations... and I can only hope that these people, some of whom paid up to 2000% more than I did, likewise enjoyed it. (Dude. Seriously. Is that for real? Judging by some of the people there, I'm guessing this was the the special MDMA-inclusive package?)

Saturday began by visiting the Frist. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I think we've got a pretty good art museum here, and the membership prices are an awesome deal, particularly for students. The current Manuel exhibit is well done, and Manuel's iconic montages in tribute to the fifty states inspired H. and I to make/exchange iconic montages in tribute to one another using the printmaking station in the kids' section. You might say our work is reminiscent of the "White Out on Backpack" style. I would say that if you need someone to carve the Ratt logo backwards, call me.

We took an impromptu drive out to that big hotel with the river and stuff in it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have a gelato shop, as this ain't exactly a gelato shop-having sort of town.

Later that evening, we intended to meet up with friends at dancing at Play and/or getting soulful at The Basement, but instead succumbed to laziness, and just ended up drinking, chatting (with each other and random people) and watching the snow fall from inside The Gold Rush. Yep, snow! OK, not as much as you kids up north had, but enough to get kinda excited about.

Lest I forget, H., bless her heart, also accompanied me on a tour of my lab every eight hours, as I'm doing another fun time-point dependent experiment. Do I know how to show guests a good time or what? Look! A vortexer! At 1 in the morning! Ooo!

In other news, more heating issues back at the apartment. And this sucks. So after work today, soon!, I'm off to hang out with a friend who just called saying he has heat *and* Rioja. Thank goodness for friends offering both warmth and wine.


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