Friday, January 28, 2005

Frozen turkey bowling is cooler.


Hey kids, you know a famous socialite! OK, not really, since I live in a city where one of the small handful of gossip columnists here goes bowling, takes pictures with her friends, prints them in the newspaper, and calls it the society pages. That sounds too funny to be true, but I'm not kidding. One week she even invited high school friends to her apartment for brunch or something, and wrote about that. So, Page Six or Social Diary? -- not so much.

But I got excited over seeing this, regardless. As aforementioned, I did in fact make an appearance in the Social Life section of our city paper, The Tennessean. Since The Tennessean reported on this November event in such a timely fashion (try over one month later) I thought it would be fitting to share this in a similarly timely fashion (well, actually, we just got our scanner fixed here at work.)

Also note that featured in this picture is friend and fellow Flippy-pino Dr. Dan, who I met through my friend and famous fellow blogger Michael Vernon. Yay. For bloggers and... Filipinos. I guess.

I still think that getting two color photos (and one in the evening edition!) on the front of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Life" section is cooler. Nothing like getting in the paper for answering a sports-trivia question correctly, then taking a frozen turkey, rolling it down a greased tarp, and knocking down ten two-liter bottles of soda.


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