Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ad nauseum, indeed.

Yahoo! News - Hospitals Grapple With Serving Fast Food

Head of Cleveland Clinic Is Attacking Big Mac (

Just some tiny articles to share, because this story hits a nerve with me.

Vanderbilt has a McDonald's smack in the center of the Medical Center. It's such a joke. I really, really wish they'd get rid of it and replace it with something else, like a Subway or a non-chain cafe sort of deal. Not like you couldn't get some nasty heart-clogging thing at such alternate establishments, but at least chain fast-food joints like Subway make a significant effort to promote healthier eating. McDonald's? Please. Such a farce. "Here guys! Have a pedometer! You're healthy now!" Bet they're not mentioning to folks that they'll have to walk, what, ten or fifteen miles?, to get that super-sized Big Mac meal off their asses.

Furthermore, for selfish reasons: When any of my coworkers brings in a bag of McDonald's stuff, I want to wretch. Is it just me, or does McDonald's have a particularly ungodly stench to it? What, may I ask, is *in* that shit?

Before you McD's lovers attack me, let me add that I'm not some looney who wants to ban fast food altogether. In the past, I frequently patronized McDonald's. I distinctly remember being an avid fan of the #2 Two Cheeseburger meal... it was total decadence, when I discovered it during my college years. Eating TWO sandwiches in ONE meal! Heaven! Also, I have a variety of my own health and nutritional vices which do not make me a candidate for living the healthy lifestyle.

But, if an establishment like Vanderbilt wants to make a true commitment to healthcare, they should present their visitors and staff with a convenient dining option which promotes healthy eating. *Not* a corporate conglomerate with total disregard for nutrition, which lies about the use of animal products in allegedly vegetarian items... etcetera, ad nauseum.

Ok, off the soapbox now.


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