Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Time once again for shameless self-promotion!

SciAm has now launched their neuroscience/psychology oriented spin-off "Mind" as a quarterly publication. It's got a great variety of topics covered in it, ranging from antidepressant usage to altruism. Sure I might be biased a little being a neuroscientist and all, but I found it to be very interesting.

Oh, okay, another reason for potential bias: Three news articles in here by me, as well as one book review. One of these articles is actually up free here. Hey, wait. My name's not on it. But I did write it. Swear. Go pick up the print copy. (I suppose I should email someone about that, huh?)

Also, I worked on editing the letters section in here. And gosh darn it, you know that's the most riveting letters to the editor section you've ever seen. You'll see it and say "Wow! Who compiled and edited these letters and responses?! Who wrote these headlines and errata?!" Maybe.

I also really like the December issue of SciAm. For one, the SA50 gives a nice encapsulated view of fifty people or corporations who have been influential in scientific progress this year. Like People's Fifty Most Beautiful People! But science! Yeah!

The feature articles in this issue, such as "The Brain's Own Marijuana" (ah, the neuroscience bias comes out again) are likewise particularly good...

Oh, okay, one more I'd like to mention in particular. I pitched this idea about how accessories enhanced how cool iPods are. So part of my work involved testing and reporting on some iPod accessories. While not really quite comprehensive for true Mac addicts and/or techie types, it's got it's own spin. Check it out in the Technicalities column, or read it online here.

This has all been out in print for a few weeks, but I'm just now getting to this link-tastic post. So hurry on over to that newsstand or bookstore or library near you! Yes, you!


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