Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Party. Fever. (Once again, this post is too long. Will you read it, anyway?)

So, the holiday bash on Saturday went well. Mucho thanks to the 50 or 60 people who came by (in shifts, thank goodness -- my place is *not* that big) for spending some holiday time with us!

Much sangria was consumed. More consumed than spilled on my floor, which is good.

Utterly shocking was the appearance of my former roommate, who road-tripped on in on a ten? 15? hour drive for the event. She is nuts.

Virtual appearances by Michael and Patrick, courtesy of Sprint. Of course.

We did provide the opportunity to have psychic readings done, and while this year's psychic received mixed reviews from people, once again my reading was pretty dead on in a number of aspects. Perhaps I'm just a very easy person to figure out.

Or, maybe she reads my blog.

Speaking of which, one funny thing that happened was that a friend of a friend, who we'll call "Dan" (because that's... "his name") came to the party. "Dan" and I run into each other at quite a few parties around Vandy academia circles.

He mentioned that while looking for bar reviews, he recently found my blog linked off a Nashville nightlife-oriented website, Thursday Night Fever.

Said "Dan," upon describing finding this website:

"It was like reading the book after seeing the movie."

Hee hee!

(Plans for merchandise (action figures! lunchboxes! wristwatches in fast food kids' meals!) TBA.)

So, back to this Thursday Night Fever ("TNF") thing.

(begin navel gazing part of post, that is, if blogging was to have navels. or eyes.)

I can't say I agree with most of the TNF choices in nightlife, music, or desire to take/post pictures of scantily clad women. However, it's entertaining guilty-pleasure-ish reading, and moreover, it's cool to find links to even more Nashville blogs.

To think, maybe Nashville will have WYSIWYGs of our very own! And real news blogs! Joy! And in a city where AnyPundit can see that the media (on average) is rather struggly, this is a good thing.

I have a stockpile of sideline commentary about Nashville news outlets, but I'll save that for another day.

So, hi to TNF and visitors by way of their site.

But a few words to those folks, in closing:

* You have once again made me rethink the complete lack of anonymity in my URL. I am, however, too lazy to do anything about it right now.
* You might want to find a synonym for the word "crunk." I mean that in the nicest way possible. But I mean it.
* "Yeah" over "Toxic"? No. But so ballsy to even consider compiling such a list.

and the grain of salt disclaimer:
* Keep in mind that my commentary about any sort of nightlife or entertainment "scene", as discussed on this website, is coming to you from a *Ph.D* student. In *neuro*science. C'mon. I couldn't be geekier if I tried, folks.


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