Sunday, December 05, 2004

Must be the sickness.

I actually went back and read what I wrote (and wrote and wrote) yesterday. Holy rambling. Must be the sickness.

Speaking of which, I've been sick this week. I'm sure no one has sympathy for me after I just described four happy, work-free days and where I participated in gluttony and drank hot sauce shots. But that aside, coming back to Nashville, I became really, really sick. Sunday through Thursday, my main activities were violent reverse peristalsis, and non-stop sleeping, probably due to being dehydrated and undernourished. By Thursday morning I felt well enough to amble about, which was nice considering I was scheduled to give a talk that day at noon. For something I whipped up that morning, sans practice, it went pretty well although I don't think I even knew what I was saying at points. But I got good feedback and compliments, so all's well on that front, I guess.

Still with the non-stop sleeping though. We're talking 14 hour shifts sometimes, folks. My schedule's completely off. Saturday looked like the back of my eyelids, for the most part. Today I got up early enough to see this hazy gray we call "sunshine." Whoo.

This oversleeping business totally creeps me the hell out, to the point that I think I almost started *crying* when I was recounting to my roommate how much I've been sleeping this week. Maybe I'm just recovering still... but if this keeps up. Grr. I don't know. At this point, I'm welcoming anecdotal tales of oversleeping, advice or consolation of any sort. Even along the lines of "Y'know, once I read on the back of the Cheerios box that doctors say..."

Oh, I wasn't supposed to ramble. Ok. I'll stop now. And probably post again later tonight. Damn, It's like I've got some sort of blog-post reserve built up or something. Or the stomach bug has moved into my blogging and now it's just spewing all over the damn place too.

Yes. Something like that.


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