Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm back!

Back in Nashville, and I didn't experience any funky travel delays, unlike most people I know.

Some notes from San Antonio:

1) Had a really nice time hanging out with the folks, doing touristy stuff, eating out, enjoying the city.
2) Gabriela and her family were great hosts, and we had a fun Christmas dinner with them. They're such good people, in so many ways. Yay.
3) Mexican culture is really cool, and well-embodied in San Antonio. I just feel like the integration there is better... more genuine, perhaps? All in all, much better than my initial exposure to Mexican culture, in Atlanta, which was very isolated, as in "Who are those guys jumping into the back of the pickup trucks on Buford Highway?" and "Let's go drink margaritas with transvestites at Taco Cabana."
4) Visited a bunch of old Spanish missions and I think I've visited more churches than I ever have in less than a week's time. I didn't even burst into flames!
I was reusing wishes by the end of my stay. (Clarification: My mom always told me to make a wish when you visit a new church for the first time. I thought this was a Filipino thing, but my Colombian friend knows of this too, so maybe it's a Catholic thing? Whatever the case, I'm all about it.)
5) San Antonio's Riverwalk is gorgeous at Christmas. Really. Beautiful. I'm already a sucker for patio restaurants and dining near bodies of water, and it has this in spades. Plus, it's all lit up with Christmas lights, has live mariachi-esque music outdoors on the sidewalks. Even got to experience some of the incoming Alamo Bowl festivities. (Kinda wish I could have stayed through New Year's, but work calls.)
6) But, the Riverwalk is surreal. Surreal as in, could it really exist? I mean, a riverwalk, with no railings? And little waterfalls that course through channels in the sidewalk, that you need to hop over them? It's so pretty, but I can't believe a lawsuit or five hundred hasn't been issued already. I bet it's not completely handicapped accessible, either.
7) When did my thoughts become so formatted by the litigious nature of our society?

Now that these notes have become not about San Antonio, let's move on to some notes upon coming back here to Nashville.

1) Hey, it snowed here.
2) I think my roommate has the flu. Not only do I feel bad for her but.... ay! Stay away! I reaaally don't want to get sick again.
3) We natives of snowier regions know this well, but perhaps I should state that sidewalks are meant to be shoveled and deiced. Yes, you, apartment building owners. YOUR responsibility that we don't bust our asses on the ice. This includes the sidewalks in the parking lot area. See point #7 above, in case you don't understand what I'm getting at. Is this not a "rule" down here?

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to:

1) look for places that serve coffee in cups that don't have "WARNING! HOT COFFEE!" on them
2) apply to law school


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