Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday, celebration.

Even though my former roomie Gabriela was the main party-organizing force in my household, I have decided to have a third annual holiday gathering with the encouragement of my current roomie and my friend L. So, the three of us are collaborating on this shindig this weekend.

What does this mean? Well, of course, I've thrown myself into must organize/clean/decorate mode. Sure, my bedroom currently has a nice layer of fresh fallen tried-on/taken-off clothes strewn about. But I've started doing inane, unnecessary things like reorganizing closets as well.

Decorating-wise, I haven't gone completely Martha Stewart-zilla, in the grand scheme of things. Got a Christmas tree this weekend, a 5 to 6 footer. That sounds big, but I could actually close the trunk of my hatchback with it inside, unlike previous years. Love it. I just want to plant a darn tree in the middle of my apartment. Makes the place smell lovely, and now that I've half-trimmed it, I'm feeling very holidayish. Will probably do a wreath or so with the leftovers. How domestic, huh?

Coming with this party-planning is a slight sense of nervousness every time I check on the evite. After L. and B. invited their people, there were 70 people on the evite list. Now it's over 100. And I keep on thinking of more people I want to invite. While I *know* that number doesn't mean anything about the turnout, I get a little swoony over the sheer idea... (Now that I wrote that, watch no one show up.)

Now, that aside, if your travel plans do include Nashville this weekend, hit me up for the details.

Last year's party
was great, and really nothing says "holiday" to me like just hanging with a bunch of old friends, people meeting new people, and all sorts of backgrounds chatting and connecting. Indeed, the eclectic people assortment factor is going way up this year since my roommate is not a grad student.

Oh, and I think a psychic will show up again. Because we did last year, so why not.

Anyway, besides all that domestic stuff I've been up to, I've taken breaks to meet up with folks for beverage-oriented dinners over the weekend. Microbrew, wine and cheese, etc. And since it's been a while since I threw a wine rec out there, I'm all about the Fransiscan Cab. Tried it again this weekend, and it's great. All oaky and screaming-in-your-face "I'm a cab! Bledow!"... Because fine wines always like to scream, "Bledow!")

(OK, Robert Parker, I am not.)


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