Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Where should you live?

One of the topics that came up a few times this weekend was relocation: finding a good place to live, factors which influence your decision, and how important your surroundings are in determining personal happiness.

And since I'm, y'know, totally busy with work, and need to pack and clean before leaving tomorrow, I was just on myspace.com taking online quizzes. Of course.

I found this quiz, brought to you by www.findyourspot.com, which attempts to determine your ideal city/town based on factors like weather, culture, government, etc.

My #1? Seattle, WA. Interesting, since it's popped into mind for the past few months or so.

However, being that findyourspot.com seems linked to a housing/realty-type website, I cynically believe they're not including tougher housing markets in this survey. So if anyone takes this, I'd be curious to know if places like Chicago, New York, etc. come up.

But who knows, maybe Carlisle, PA (huh? where?) really is my second-best place to live.


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