Friday, November 05, 2004

What now?

I have been asking myself "What's wrong with this country?!" repeatedly this week. Most recently, because I saw an ad for this:

B to the izzE?

Really now. Caffienated, ginseng and guarana enhanced Budweiser? And they expect people to call it "B to the E"? "P" to the "leazze!"

Ok, yeah, I'll probably end up trying it one day. But it still seems very very wrong. Oh god, look, it even comes in a 10 ounce can.

Anyway. So, what's been going on this week.... hmmm... "election" you say? Come again?!

I suppose I could attempt to say something witty or pithy about this, but I find myself incapable -- political commentary or analysis has never been my forte. "Politics" as a whole is just not a subject I feel well educated enough about to write or talk a lot about. I'm trying to learn more, swear. I came to a relatively recent realization that ignorant bliss on this topic doesn't really cut it. But for now... sure, I voted, and I care, but now that it's over... I dunno what's to be said.

I could however, tell you about how I might have thought I voted, but am not sure if I did. That's funny! (Or sad, one of those.) I still haven't switched over my registration and thus just absentee voted in NJ. I hope that's legal (?) Anyway, I'm not actually sure if my vote counted. See, er, y'know how some states take absentee ballots after election day as long as they are postmarked on election day/received 7 days later? Uhm... yeah. I could have swore I read somewhere that NJ was one of those states. So I don't know if I got it in on time. NJ still turned blue on the final map, so that assuages some of my guilt, but let it be known that I might be too dumb to vote.


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