Saturday, November 13, 2004

Truly truly truly artrageous.


(Time it takes me to get ready for going out) = (Time remaining before I have to leave) x 1.25.

So, since I'm guaranteed to be chronically late to meet up with my friends anyway, I figure I'd rather write on here than spending an hour+ getting dressed/primping.

Tonight I'll be faux socialiting it up at Artrageous, an annual fundraiser for Nashville Cares. Like a socialite, I'll be art gallery-hopping, drinking wine, and partying. Unlike a socialite, I spent a few hours this morning doing assorted tasks such as stuffing ostrich feathers into oasis to make toppers for the light fixtures in the VIP/patrons lounge, which I won't be let into.

I was kidding with a friend that I could just wear some feathers on my head and go topless to fit with the Las Vegas show theme. A coworker then said "Why not wear some bandages and say you're Roy?" (as in, Sigfried &...)

Ba dum.... no.

I'm really looking forward to the gallery-hopping bit since I never get out and about to see what's in the galleries here. Some of the art that's going on auction at the "late party" in Municipal Auditorium looked pretty awesome, too.
I do hope that unlike the last time I volunteered for something that had a silent auction, I won't end up actually buying stuff for myself. Mental note: Volunteering does not, NOT equal shopping.

Apparently the large quantity of nudes (in the art, not walking around Municipal) made the hired lighting/set crew members see fit to crack jokes of a homophobic nature from the scaffolding above us volunteers. Another unwanted reminder that, yes Virginia, there are people in the world that truly, wholly suck. As if the whole election thing wasn't enough. Grr. GRRR!

Ok, happy thoughts, happy thoughts now... besides, it's show time!


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