Friday, November 19, 2004

A new kind of busy, + feeling blah, but now.... YAY!

(wow that's a stupid title. anyway.)

Remember that class I'm TA-ing? Well, surprise -- my duties have gone beyond merely bringing the laser pointer to class. I get to teach a lecture! It'll be on the topic of sleep. While I'm quite familiar with sleeping, getting the background on the topic (which is wholly unrelated to my research) has been a whole lotta work. Trying to crack down on this now, since the class is coming up right after turkey day.

Been feeling pretty shitty lately, for various reasons, some obvious and many mysterious. And...that's all I feel like saying about that right now.

Because why dwell on feeling crappo, WHEN I am extremely happy to report that Heidi and Casey are coming to Nashville this weekend... and arriving in less than 12 hours!
Two words: HELLZ YEAH.


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