Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A little tribute to the art of drunk dialing.

(Part I)

Ah, The Drunk Dial. As several of you probably know already, every so often there comes a time when I, having tied one or more on, get giddy and feel this inexplicable need to call my friends and share the intoxicated glory, and sometimes even force them to talk to my current drinking companions, or other people in the bar/restaurant/whathaveyou. I do think I use discretion more often than not, taking into account factors such as time zones, or whether or not I think you'd enjoy/tolerate hearing from me in such a state, etc.

Yes, sometimes discretion isn't totally obvious -- and for those situations, all I have to say is this: Thank god for outgoing call logs on cell phones. It makes apologies that much easier the next morning.

I enjoy receiving drunk dials probably as much as I enjoy bestowing them upon others. Very recently, a quite perfect drunk dial cheered me up immensely. I was in the lab last Monday night, slumped over my laptop, working on a presentation, and mopey as all hell. I checked my cell phone, and there was a missed call since my ringer was still off from class earlier that day. The message made me break out in giggly hysterics. Ok, maybe only *I* would find it funny, but it was a classic example of the elements of good drunk dials. Key points including:
* harmony of voices
* giggling
* slurring
* singing
* regurgitation of obscure facts
* profession of love
* asking me what I'm wearing

In fact, the message was so cute that I took the cue from the amusing audio posts over at Hot Toddy's site and set-up an AudioBlogger account. AND learned how to use my three-way calling. Now you too can enjoy this awesomely silly message, until the people who left it visit this website and make me take it down.


this is an audio post - click to play

(Stay tuned for a Part II, later this week...)


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