Monday, November 22, 2004

Good times.

I love this one and this one. Time spent in their company, just like the last time we all hung out together, is just good times. Chat, gossip, eat, drink, dance. Geeking out over our iPods. Going to the Vandy-UT game (yes, C. at a college football game. Can you believe it? Select favorite comment, "So these people just follow teams around in their RVs... like, like The Dead?!" ) Seeing the most mulletous mullet on the planet. Discussing blogs and cities and music and theatre. Passing this one around the phone, since he was in the States for a bit. We didn't even have time to make it to anything touristy, and in fact, we literally did not travel further than one mile from my apartment for the first 36 hours of their visit.

I also would like to publicly apologize for recipients of calls from my cell phone past midnight on Saturday. *Someone* thought it'd be a good idea to dial folks and drop my cell phone on top of my car speakers with the YYY's blaring. I realized this come Sunday, when I received an email from our friend A.K-B., with the subject header "girl, you done scared the shit out of me." Turns out said friend was returning home from seeing The Grudge when her answering machine began broadcasting static and Karen O. in mid-scream. So, apologies.

Anyway, I'm feeling really swamped right now trying to finish this lecture for tomorrow, so I'm going to sadly skip over any more details. But maybe they'll complete the homework I gave them, which was to blog about the weekend in lieu of my report. (Uhm, I'm not holding my breath. :))

I (cross-fingers) do hope to visit with them again sometime soon.


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