Friday, October 22, 2004

Self-promotion, revisited.

Since it's been, what, a whopping three(?) blog posts since I talked about my summer, surely it's time for it again!

Today an article came out in the medical center's newspaper about...well, me. It was pretty interesting being on the other side of the interview, especially seeing what they decide to write about. I may be biased, but I thought it was a really nice article. I have to say I'm quite flattered.

So if you're interested in reading that, it's here.
There's even a picture! Yes, I have an awesome view from my desk. Yes, I had to clean off my desk for that picture to be taken. No, my desk did not really stay clean -- I just put everything on the guy's desk behind me, then moved it back when the photographer left.

Additionally I wrote an article about my summer experience for the scientific society which sponsored me. Summer work experience, let me clarify. Sorry, no details about tending to a sick dog, hanging out with friends and family, or meeting NYC bloggers. That's what my blog archives are for, of course.

Anyway, you can read the web version of my newsletter article here. And a picture, again! Credit: someone who took that at my holiday party last year/I cropped my former roommate out of that photo (sorry Gabriela)


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