Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rhinestone cowboys, and other folk.

Well, it's about time. After living here for four (going on five) years, I finally made it to the Grand Old Opry on Friday night. And it was great! The greatness was enhanced by the fact that it was free, as my roomie is a Ryman Auditorium employee, so we got in for employee appreciation whatzits.

I didn't know what to expect, besides the fact that I might get bored out of my mind because I'm not quite the country music afficionado. However, it's kind of like a variety show, with people only doing a song or two, then leaving. Ideal when pop-country easily bores ya. I preferred the old-timey stuff more. I've taken quite a liking to bluegrass since moving here (coinciding with the release of "O Brother Where Art Thou?"...) So things along that vein were appreciated.

From our off-center seats, we could also watch people running around behind the scenes. This was pretty neat from the radio-show production aspect, as well.

Of course, there was also plenty to snicker about. Rhinestones, old people. More rhinestones. More elderly. Scary Western shirts. The Cracker Barrel and Dickies ads. Also, Chely Wright performing a song called, the "Bumper of My SUV," about being flicked off in traffic allegedly because of the Marines sticker on her car. While the song was all heartfelt "I'm just pro-troops, not pro-war", I wondered, "Ma'am, what if you just cut someone off in your big fat SUV, and that's why they gave you the bird?"

At any rate, all in all, it was fun, even slightly surreal. I'm glad I finally went. In fact, I'd go again! Well, if someone was visiting and wanted to go, and/or it was free/cheap.

In other recent music outing news: Saturday was Denny Diamond, a (local?) Neil Diamond cover band, and they -- swear -- totally rock out. A good time every time. Last night, rocking to Yo La Tengo and friends, and laughing my fool head off at Todd Barry. Tonight? The Pixies! Later this month? Morrissey!

And in *other* event ticket-accumulation news, I was *hoping* to see David Sedaris at Vandy this month too, but much to my surprise it sold out in LESS than FIVE DAYS. What?! People read books? No! Say it ain't so!


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