Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Well, hot damn.

My leap into reading non-college-friends' blogs came straight from the pages of one Michael Vernon. One of his linked sites that I favored belonged a fellow known as D-Nasty, out of New York. Not to be confused with frequent commenter Dr. Nasty, a cutting edge neuroscience researcher and my very dear friend, who I intend on discussing some other time. I have no idea who D-Nasty is, but he writes really damn well.

I stopped reading for a while since I thought the site went bye-bye. Then just today, I checked it out, and it's alive and kicking. Moreover, he's gotten published by the NYT, in a hilarious article about bribery. Not only is the piece great, but it's cool overall from the (now-overtalked) "new media" perspective. I'm not sure if blogging led to the Times article, but perhaps. At any rate, cheers to him, website and article are highly recommended.

In another "blogging gone wild" note, I was solicited by an escort on Saturday.

I received an email which I almost instantaneously deleted because I saw the phrase "nyhottie" in the linked URL. However, I actually read the email, because it caught my eye by mentioning stuff I had written about on here. The note was from someone who found my site, and is in the process of promoting hers. Wow. Cold-emailing for blog promotion. Well, I guess it works because I'm mentioning it. And it's an interesting site.

But really, does a website which recounts a New York escort's business during the RNC really need any help from me?


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