Thursday, September 23, 2004

Me. Me me me.

(This time, with 1000% less melodrama.)

Yay! My second article came out. You non-science kids may appreciate this one more, since it talks about poetry. Yep, poetry. For a science magazine. Is this fulfillment of liberal-arts-geekdom or what?

Those of you at institutes of higher learning or libraries, can probably fetch this article by clicking here. You real-job folks... well, I'll probably be forcing this upon some of you via email. Or take brequests. And then there's Borders, newsstands, etc. C'mon. You can read it and put it back. Humor me.

I also did a data/sidebar type of thing in this issue about male mortality (and how it's higher than for women.) I don't know how to link to that though.

Perhaps at some point I'll get over the novelty of my name in print, and stop posting this type of stuff on here. However, today is not that day. Neither is tomorrow. Or the next day. Sorry.


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