Monday, September 06, 2004

It's indeed been a weekend of laboring. I've been cleaning, and recleaning my apartment. I'm wondering if the subletter chick swept or dusted once the entire time she was here. It's like dust has just colonized the place. I have rather low cleaning standards, so you know there's trouble if I feel the need to start overhauling the place. My roommate works umpteen jobs, so it's hard to blame her. But I mean, grad students? Really. We have loads of time on our hands!

I always leave my room as the last frontier, so, yeah, those suitcases, albeit empty, are still stacked by my bedroom door. Of course.

Besides detailing my apartment, I did check out a new club, Blu, which just opened on Church Street. Apparently, an Atlanta club by the same name recently closed and rumor even has it this club's sign is from the ATL establishment. Sort of sad if we're getting other cities' has-been nightspots. Maybe it works in reverse though; maybe we're the farm team for larger cities! Doubtful.

At any rate, Blu is supposed to be half-lounge, half-dancey-dance club, yet it's really just one room with dividers. Honestly, its shoddy construction kinda makes me feel like I'm in one of those temporary haunted houses they set up in strip malls. Think Trading Spaces-quality design, perhaps with a $500 budget. And, Blu, like its predecessor, Tabu, is apparently suffering an identity crisis. We're a gay club! But in an effort to cater to everyone, we're going to play cheesy straight meat-market music! So what happens? Well, apparently, butch lesbians. In droves.

Also of note: they shut down the dancey-dance section for brief periods in order for the drag show to come on. The highlight of this? Charlie Brown! Yep, that one. The potty-mouthed heckling, now novel once more, was great. No Buford Highway jokes or straight boys stripping, but still good. Charlie announced that she's getting lipo, so, for future reference, there ya go.

All in all, any new club that contributes to the livelihood of my area of town (which is being dubbed Nashville's gay district) is heartily endorsed. Especially if they serve $3 well drinks and I can stumble home. Er, I mean, as long as it contributes to the presence and acceptance of the GLBT community. And stuff. That.

On a related note, I'm hypothesizing that as far as cities go, besides having a revolving rooftop restaurant, having a predominantly-gay midtown area means you're becoming a "real city." Yes? No? Maybe? You better-traveled folks let me know.


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