Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Back again. Not thinking, or writing yet. Just laughing.

Crank Yankers is already damn funny. It's even funnier when they call people you actually know! Apparently they called my summer workplace shortly after I left. Here are the puppet-ified results.

Go to the CY Archive scroll down to "Scientific Ed."

I found it especially funny since I know what the person attached to the voice really looks like.

Goshdarnit working there was cool. No, we didn't have bubbling liquids or dry ice sitting on shelves. We did, however, have a life-sized Spock cutout on the art room door. Yeah, I know. It scared the bejeezus out of me every time I walked out of the break room. Also, I just don't get Star Trek fanaticism... but I'm going to hold my tounge now, because opinions like those might jeopardize my scientific career.

Now I'm also fondly recalling an after-work trip to see I, Robot with people on the staff. Going to see a sci-fi flick with Big-Deal Science Magazine staff members and discussing said movie over dinner is just as fun-geek-cool as it sounds. Well-worth schlepping crosstown in pouring rain, sitting dripping wet in an over-airconditioned Times Square megaplex, and eating at that Chevy's across the street.

So yeah, I miss my summer job.

Uhm, OK. How did I get from puppets to thinking-about-my-future again?



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