Sunday, August 29, 2004

What a fun past couple of days. Full, and fulfilling. Mostly the usual haunts, with not-usual people, and it made for lots of fun. I still am a bit in "I miss living in New York" mode, but I'm coping.

Thursday night the country boy made his way to town for a class reunion. Drinks, catching up, tipsy dials, etc. Good times.

Friday, some friends and I started out with dinner at RuSan's, which even after NY sushi, still tasted pretty good. But it also could have been the atmosphere. My favorite sushi chef, who has taken a friendly liking to me as well, is moving to San Diego. He normally brings by some obscure appetizers for my friends and I to try out, or a little bottle of sake. Several large bottles of sake were brought over, I guess since this might be our last hurrah. So, yes, the atmosphere of friendly sushi chefs and bottomless sake were very, very nice. We traded numbers so maybe if he does open a place in San Diego, I'll get to visit. Until then, RuSan's will never be quite the same. Sigh.

Moving on from there, the night included meeting up with more locals, and this guy again with his Nashville friend... his friend who had a video camera phone. Danger! Somewhere there lurks several videos of horrendously-played billiards games, and an en masse embrace where we are singing LeeAnn Rimes along with the jukebox. Loudly. Be very, very afraid. I'd mention where we were, but since I routinely embarrass myself at this bar (the last time by doing baaad karaoke.) I'm going to let its location remain unknown.

All week, completely unlike my usual semi-lethargic self, I had this urge to go to dancing. I blame it on this CD. I've just taken such a random liking to it, and I don't know why. So, I should have been tired from the night before, but I had this urgent hyperactive surge of energy. It was really, really weird. No, I wasn't on anything. People even offered to get me drinks, but I just wanted to dance. Yeah. Weird. But so good! Met some a group of cool out-of-towners, and after the club shut down (2:30? Boo.), we nixed the after-hours club in lieu of food and chat at Cafe Coco. And some connectivity-weirdness. Two of the out-of-towners had worked in the past with people I graduated with at Oglethorpe (their names are Kevin and Mandy, in case you're in the know, and want to know. How odd it was for me to have to field questions about whether or not they were married... ) and the other two out-of-towners with them also lived in Atlanta for a little while, in a midtown house on the corner of Fifth and Myrtle. Fifth and Myrtle?

Now, I remember the street address of many of my old college/post-college memories, but I'm not sure on the cross street... but something tells me I've spent more than a couple of nights in somewhere near Fifth and Myrtle. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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