Saturday, August 07, 2004

So many thoughts these past few days. If I wrote them all out, I might crash the whole of the internet.

Last night was a great night, drinks and conversation in the company of good people. It's one thing to move to a big, fun city, and have a great job that I find engaging and mentally stimulating. Part of me expected that. I was not, however, prepared to make such good friends, reconnecting with new and old, in a mere ten (?) weeks. Last night, worlds collided: the college, the literati (and, and), the matters-of-the-heart... even running into someone I knew in high school. Sometimes having different factions of your life connect makes for tumultuous, awkward times. But this, this was really, really good.

In case you haven't talked to me recently, I'm seriously going through leaving-New-York blues. Last night temporarily cured that, but there's a bunch to be blue about. Friends, relatives, boy, dog, cat, city. I was not expecting to enjoy it all this much.

OK, no more dwelling on that!

In order to make myself lighten up about leaving, I decided I should compose a list of things to look forward to in the 'ville. Here goes:

1. My Nashville friends.
2. We'll give 'em two slots because a few are that special to me.
3. A large, uncluttered apartment that gets lots of sun.
4. Bongo Java coffee.
5. Less-shitty chain pharmacy/convenience stores. (Duane Reade = sucko. And it's the best one.)
6. Sunday nights on the patio of Dan McGuiness, with awesome Irish music and $2 pints of Guinness, in the shadow of forty foot high bronze naked statues! (okay, the "Hillbilly Porn" lyrics did make me laugh. Appropriately, "Up in New York City, they wouldn't think twice. But down here the people are wreckin' their cars. Nothin' says hit your brakes like big private parts")
7. ...
8. Uhm. Inching closer to being Dr. G?
9. Michael Vernon is visiting soon!
10. Road trips to Atlanta?

There ya go. Who's inspired? wOOt!


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