Monday, August 02, 2004

So, in case you were wondering about that orange alert thing...

From what I gather, it's the first time they've ever issued alerts for specific places, which is why this seems different, perhaps more significant, than the whole city being under a general warning.

Today in the staff meeting we were reminded of emergency action procedures in light of the new terrorism information. In short, "Does anyone know what they are?"

Joking aside, it's not a *huge* deal, but it's big enough, as we're pretty damn close to one of the named hot spots (about 6 blocks) and, oh, a wee bit closer to another rather large financier (across the street from JPMorgan/Chase.)

For the past few days specifically, traffic seems slightly crazier, probably due to roads being rerouted, etc.

All summer long I've periodically noticed cop cars driving really fast in packs, sirens ablaze, parking in formation in front of random places like St. Patrick's. Then they wait a while and leave altogether. And for some reason I always think about synchronized swimming when this happens. Why?

Oh, and my mom called me at least three times yesterday to tell me about the news. Then my dad called today to say my mom wanted to remind me about the alert.

And... that's about it.

edited to add: OK, I just logged onto our intranet to read the procedures, and that was in fact kind of freaky as I mentally constructed the evacuation instructions/routes together with images of what-if scenarios. Also, this put together with the fact that I'm an intern, and I'm an employee who is sort of non-existent on paper.


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