Sunday, August 01, 2004

Memorable lines:

OoO! Baracuda! -H

Drunk texting i7 the new black. -N
It's 6. You're drunk already??? -C

How do you type so fast? -N
I am a man. -R
You type with your ... nevermind. -N
I stand a foot away. -R
Those keys are very tiny. -N

Sigh. Text messaging has become my new technovice. And now that I have a new cell phone (fresh from an eBay impulse buy), it's even easier to send messages than from my old phone. Also, I forsee picture-sharing to be an added element of danger in my future.

I'm only gradually adding my contacts back in since the Sprint folk could only give me a printout of my old contacts, and typing these numbers in is damn tiring. So you should give me a call to make it easier, if you have not in the past two weeks.

Looking at the print copy, I don't even know who some of these phone numbers belong to. "E", "C" , "T", "G"? Are these even people or places?


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