Thursday, August 12, 2004

Just kidding! Still living in New York for (at least) one more night!

The apt owners are stuck in Canada. Apparently they cancelled flights to New York because of the hurricane... the hurricane which is south of Florida now? Weird. So I'm holding down the fort with Binks and Delph, working on the edits I got back this morning.

After the doc's appt. in New Jersey, my dad and I went to have super-late lunch at an italian resturant he often frequents. We sat at the bar, and everyone was quiet, watching the TV intently. NJ Governor McGreevy was announcing his resignation, and as we watched, he told the world, "I am a gay American." Shock! I thought he was Canadian! From what I've heard, this resignation was probably less about "I'm gay" and more about "everyone on my cabinet-thingee is getting arrested for corrupt financial practices."

It was really interesting watching the reactions of other people around me -- North Jersey 40-somethings, the we-left-work-early 4PM restaurant bar crowd.

"Is he the catcher or the pitcher?"
"Oh my gawd! I thought they all took turns!"

You kind of had to be there to understand the surreality of it all.

In order to avoid all political discussion whatsoever, I let my dad chatter with the bar folk, while I talked to the bartender about wine, and allowed her to refresh my glass of Pinot Grigio numerous times.

(Side note: My dad and cousin were very involved in the campaign for the guy McGreevy defeated. So, the fam's all into that political shtuff. )


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