Monday, August 23, 2004

Hello, microwave. Oh, dear couch. Ah, sweet television. How I missed you this summer.

Two and a half months in a sublet without these aforementioned items didn't seem so bad. Well, I missed the couch, but didn't think much about not having a TV or microwave. Now that I have such luxuries at my disposal however, I realize their absence left a mysteriously intangible void in my life. I haven't been microwaving much, but it's nice to know I can defrost in a moment's notice.

And watching TV, well, it's like I just woke up from a coma. None of this stuff is probably new to anyone, but the past two hours of TV viewing felt almost mindblowing, since I hadn't been exposed to it in a while. And is it me, or is TV getting weirder or what?

Notes from TV watching:

What is up with all the poker on TV? Is this new? I want to play poker. I don't know how. Who will teach me? Why is everyone wearing sunglasses?

Decorating shows are great. But organizing shows rock my world. I sat in front of "Mission: Organization" with a legal pad and took notes. Seriously.

Growing Up Gotti. So good, so bad, so reminding me of home. Is Victoria a healthy female role model? Well, for me, at least?

How did Southwest Airlines get its own TV show? Who wants to watch "problems with airlines" when most of us have to deal with this in real life? And it SUCKS? Why was that woman trying to smuggle maggoty fish on the plane? Wait, I am watching this. Why am I watching this?!

I really like surgery shows, but plastic surgery is kind of getting old. Tummy tucks, breast implants? Blah. If we've doing cosmetic touches, then I want to see people who get sex changes, extra limbs, perhaps wings. Now that's innovation.

And... the Olympics. There's always something to watch when the Olympics are on! So I'm going to now resume watching and commenting to my friend via IM about the male gymnasts. It's much more fun that it sounds. Also, we might both be tipsy. Maybe. Perhaps.


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