Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Greetings from our nation's capital! It's my last day of fellowship wrap-up here, and I was sort of begrudging about having to come here, in part because it, and the move, made me have to miss Amy A's and Michael W's wedding (yay and congrats to them!)

However, coming here was good in several ways. DC is a good stepping stone to Nashville -- you know, the efficiency of the South and the hospitality of the North, as they say. Sunday I visited Blake's new swanky pad (stainless steel/granite-everything kitchen. Swoon!) and he made me a wonderful Georgian dinner (that's the country, not the state, by the way.)

Workwise, I got to hang and have drinks with my funding sponsor, chatting about career and this summer. We had a poster session so we could see and hear what other people fellows were up to this summer and good chats about freelance journalism. Also, last night most all the fellow fellows (now we're fellowship alums, really) had a nice drinking/eating evening out. They're good people, and super-interesting to talk to. I really hope to keep in touch with what people go on to after this. Most of us are going back to our phd lives, potentially keeping journalism involved, but there's a few who are making the leap out of school or into j-school.

Speaking of journalism once again, I suppose it wouldn't be too bold of me to indulge in a little shameless self-promotion. I have my first article out, on page 28 on the September issue! 700k people are reading MY words! ooh! Well, that's how many US folks are getting it delivered to their homes, at least. Put this in perspective of People magazine, which gets an estimated 10 readers per each copy of a 10 million circulation, and you will cease to be impressed, if you were at all impressed to begin with.

The September issue has a pretty photo collage of Einstein on the front. Not to be confused with a certain competitor magazine which also has a picture of Einstein on the front. Yeah, dueling Einsteins, we know.

It's sold in bookstores, newsstands, etc. usually located over by the techie publications. Or, if you so desire, email me and I can hook you up with a pdf copy of my two pages of fame.

Off to more wrapping-up, etc. Then, to Nashville, later tonight!

Semi-random: I'll keep you posted on this other bold idea, but I'm considering moving this website to a non-name associated web address. Will keep everyone posted.


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