Tuesday, August 10, 2004

And now, thoughts about beverages.

I started drinking expensive water, and this is a problem.

It all started with food-poisoning induced dehydration, followed by hot yoga. Electrolytes became a must, and the yoga joint turned me on to Glaceau's smartwater. Soon after I discovered Volvic, which is similar, except the bottle isn't as phallic and easier to hold (although you think I'd want to hold on to... nevermind.) Also, it comes from volcanos, and volcanos are cool!

Halfway through the summer, I suddenly had a craving for something different, light, fruity, perhaps vitamin-laden? Advertising works folks. Damn you, Glaceau, your vitaminwater, and your onslaught of colorful telephone booth ads. I now find myself thirsting for sixteen ounces of fad.

Granted, you will mostly catch me drinking Poland Spring, as a 24-bottle crate is a fixture by the front door. But I do often convince myself that I'm yearning for the taste of vitamins or volcanos.

When I'm not drinking water, I'm drinking coffee.

In the apartment, I've resumed a love affair with the french press, since the electric coffeemaker in here is kind of old and scary looking.

At work, we have this nifty machine which uses a little tiny cup of pre-packaged grounds so you can get a fresh cup each time. Like a starfish, it pushes out a probe and punches a hole in the coffee ground package. Unlike a starfish, it infuses your coffee with hot water, and kicks the used coffee grounds back for disposal. Technology!

Moreover, there are about 15 different types of coffee grounds to choose from: light or dark, flavored or non-flavored, decaf or caf, organic or pesticide-laden. Choices!

Chatting with the editor-in-chief while standing by the coffee machine, I admitted that I sometimes chose between the coffees as if their flavor descriptions corresponded to personality traits. For example, do I want to be "Bold, distinctive, lively"? Then it's Nantucket Blend time! Perhaps I'm feeling "sweet and nutty"? Brew me up some Southern Pecan!

As if fifteen blends of character weren't enough, I still go out to buy coffee sometimes. And let it be noted: Starbucks really is evil. I didn't notice it so much in Nashville, as we've got a comparable amount of not-Starbucks joints to balance the playing field. But here? UGH. Don't get me wrong: sometimes I'm in the mood for their distinctive charred beans, but not every twenty steps I take. Fortunately, I can get Peet's at the ING cafe right by work: it's half-bank, half-cafe, all orange.

So, is it unhealthy that I put this much thought and energy into beverage consumption?


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