Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Yesterday was such a long, long day, but it was fun.  Cold Spring was bioscientist geek heaven.  Their media relations person who took me around campus was very knowledgeable, not just about their research, but about all sorts of historical aspects of the campus.  Nobel Laureates' homes, petri dish relay races, the stage where DNA's structure was unveiled, adenovirus-shaped weathervanes... oh, yeah, the research was damn kick-ass, too.  I attempted to go as scientist-in-journalist's-clothing, but I was outed to some as having a neuro. research background by the PR guy.  "They'll be impressed!" he said. Hm.

One thing I've learned is that you can never predict who will be impressed and who will look at you with disdain for doing this sort of not-benchwork business.

Dog/cat sitting is going well, and I've almost memorized all the pet-ccentricities.  Such as

arthritis pills
carrots after walk
does not like street-people, pug-faces

Pounce treat after Binky's walks
keep food in bathtub

I'm trying to decide whether or not Binks (my new name for him) needs a walker mid-day.  Normally his owner works from home, so he usually goes out often.  Today he did well when I was gone all day, but he's old, so I don't know if this stresses him out. 

I'm in contact with a dog walker, who I've met, is around all the time, and seems nice... but that of course involves giving away a copy of my apartment key, which is a little weird. 

And... that's it.  I'm doing a book review for work, so back to reading the book (it's sort of a prerequisite, ya know.)



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