Monday, July 19, 2004

Tomorrow I get my new roommates. Binky (the dog) and Delphi (the cat) are coming, as their owner is flying off to Europe for a few weeks. So I'm sitting them until the end of my internship. This should be interesting. The dog is 17 years old, one of the owner's only children (besides the cat) and apparently was only supposed to live to be 8 years old due to respiratory problems.  I swear, if this dog gets sick on my hands, I'm going to need a therapist.

While I've acclimated to the mothball smell which pervades my apartment, it's still not the most comfortable place as I find myself longing for a soft cushy spot to sit my butt down to read. I've got a Baby Grand, and two beds, one that flips out of the wall... but no couch.

I still love the apartment though. For temporary purposes it's great. With the exception of someone in the apartment getting mugged by imposter repairmen in the first week ("BETTER TO BE RUDE AND SAFE" read the landlord's memo) and the management's warning to the people who use the lobby electrical outlets to charge their cell phones and blow dry their hair (err?) it's your average everyday apartment.

This past weekend was grand, as it included good quality time with the 'rents, drinkin' fun with the relatives, a brunchtime Oglethorpian gossipfest, Heidi+NYC (which, in case you didn't know =fun) and Shakespeare in Central Park.  I'd write on, but instead I'll ask you check the links to the chronicles and the view on the right of your screen for more details. 
Extra props to Aimee and Micah for braving a cigarette lighter-coveting elderly woman on their way to my apartment, and to Heidi for telling me how my family and I are beautiful.
Tomorrow, instead of going to work, I venture to new territory: Long Island!  I'm going to CSHL to interview a gaggle of scientists about what they're up to, and to look for story leads.  I'm pretty freeking psyched.  While I considered going to Rockefeller, home of umpteen Nobel Laureates, for this assignment I opted for going far and away, hopefully finding out about some cool research from folks who have not yet gotten their Nobel props.
Now, to sleep, because I have to catch a train from Penn Station at 8AM.  Oy!


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